skipping with bad timestamp

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What exactly does that mean and what will happen? Searching the forum yielded nothing for those terms.

What happened is that I was away for 2 weeks with my laptop, came back and upgraded btsync on my Macbook and on my PC, they started syncing and apparently all of a sudden ma Macbook has 94GB of new music (definitely not!) the PC has 163GB of new pictures (how, it was offline) and in my 2 weeks I seem to have also produced 7.4GB of new documents (I might have about 10MB of new documents but I moved a few around into different folders but still within the sync folder defined within btsync.

So now my question is if this is always going to happen once they are out of touch for a few days? These 100+GB will take a few days to sync due to my low-speed network here and I still don't know what is going to happen, will I have 100+GB inside my SyncTrash? Will I have everything double?

I do know btsync is alpha but if the basic function of it, the sync goes this badly wrong, I'm pretty disappointed.

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Could you please describe your status in BTSync before upgrade?

Was the status for your shared folder synced? How many data was on your macbook and PC?

What build did you use on your machines before upgrade?

Do you see some errors in the History now?


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Well, I "think" I was on 1.1.27 on both machines, synced them, all was working fine.

Then I went away for 2 weeks, and updated my Macbook pro consecutively to the newest one, 1.1.42 and when I came back home I upgraded the one on the PC to 1.1.42.

I'm syncing my music folder which is about 100GB my pictures folder which is about 180GB and my Documents folder which si about 20GB.

No errors in the Mac history.

Win history was showing the timestamp error and as I said wanted to sync huge amounts of data which COULD NOT have changed.

The win version is indexing every time I start it, skipping loads of stuff due to bad timestamp and crashes every 10 minutes, after which I restart it and it starts the indexing again and eventually crashes again.

If I select to submit the crash dump, I get something along the lines of http connection unsuccessful or similar. Will wait a few minutes for the next crash to get the exact error.

here we go: unable to send crash report to server: httpsendrequest failed.

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Could you please send us a dump file (.dmp) ?

You can find it in C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync\ after crash.

Please send it to syncapp@bittorrent.com.

Thanks a lot!

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