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Guest idef1x

so far deleting files from my pc doesn't seem to do anything with those files on my android phone. when deleting files from my android it takes a while before they are deleted on my pc. when I restarted btsync on my android they were deleted right away. so does anyone know what the refresh interval is for backup? it's not as instanious as syncing apparently

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100% agree. I was under the assumption that "BACKUP" meant what it does in every other form of data management and should especially be true when moving data from a mobile device to a computer. I had scheduled system images of my phone OS to be backed up to my server every sunday night. Each one is ~2GB so after a few I need to clean house on the phone's storage.  I just realized when going to restore a backup that it had SYNC'd my changes and deleted the files on my server.


Luckily I accidentally left the archive function on for that folder and was able to pull the files from that, but this is a VERY strange relationship they have created, especially when they are pushing the concept of backing up photos using this method


Any thoughts BT? Am I misunderstanding this function?  Is this an known issue?

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