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It seems that the android app chokes on files larger than 2GB. Is there a plan to fix this or can we at least get it to ignore 2GB files for the time being? As it is any file larger than 2GB seems to just become a *.!sync file and sit in the processing queue without finishing.

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If you look in the log on the PC, you'll probably noticed that the last completed piece for large files is 1023. I had the same problem with 2 files myself. My PC's disk is NTFS.

Unless it's some general issue with Android, I think it just appears to be a 2 GB file size problem because that's when it triggers. One of the clients may just be unable to handle more than 1023 pieces. Possibly a variable typing issue. I haven't retried it with Android version 1.1.23, since I deleted the files.

I posted this in another thread but haven't gotten a response yet:

Backup from Android (v1.1.21) to PC (v1.1.42) failed for 2 files. The last transfer block in the log for both was piece 1023.

[2013-07-18 19:35:12] VIDE0008.MOV: Piece 1023 complete

[2013-07-18 19:35:12] VIDE0035.MOV: Piece 1023 complete

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