Device time difference more than 600 seconds

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So, I'd like to know what kinds of problems may be caused in the future in case I change the r/w node's clock back and forth by 1 hr. after the period of 1 hr. in the future.



No one ever investigated it and I see no point doing that: the time going forward is a requirement for app to be running smoothly.




I am not sure what does it buy me.



It can show you which of your devices has incorrect time zone set.


Issue update #7





As I told above:

- current solution is setting correct timezones, including correct DLS time setting.

- we'll see what can be done to make it easier for user.

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May be we should switch the subject to something more entertaining.


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[the rest of this post has been removed]

<again removed because it's an abusive personal attack instead of an on-topic point for the thread. You were told to drop it and you haven't. Final warning.>

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