Android: "0 devices online" and nothing happens

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Hey there folks :)

As the whole dropbox-alternative thing got interesting for me with the kickstartet initiative "plug" I got curious about this solution - and it looks really promising, but also does not seem to work for me from here.

I created two Sync Folders on my Windows 7 PC, one with two files directly in it (a gif and a txt), one empty. I connected both to my android phone (Huawei Ascend G300) via Connect Mobile which seemed to work surprisingly well. Ah, I forgot to mention that I created a new empty folder on my mobile for sychronization with the partially filled folder and for the empty one on the PC I chose my phones DCIM folder for instant photo synchronization.

However, nothing seems to synchronize.

The app keeps telling me, that "0 devices are online".


Could it be, that there is something in my company's network that blocks anything trying to use any bittorrent'ish protocols? //end noobspeak

I will give it another try at home this evening then.


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So yeah, it seems our admins are blocking all the ports I could have used ... at home everything works just fine.

... what leads me to the next question: will it be likely that all the open WLANs in my city won't allow BitTorrent Sync? :(

I never had problems with Dropbox access anywhere.

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