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Bit Torrent Sync with encrypted volumes

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I've recently fully encrypted my hard drives with TrueCrypt. Since them I can't sinc my files, even thought I mount them before running BTSync.

I remember the first time running BTSync after encryption it re-indexed everything. I did take a look at the sync.log file to found things like this:

[2013-07-26 11:35:24] Loaded folder \\?\E:\Documents\testfolder

The "\\?\" before the folder path wasn't there before. I suppose BTSync does not support correctly mounted encrypted volumes? I also did a test on my C: drive with BitLocker encryption, with the same results. Does anyone has experienced this?

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I have BTSync running on Bitlocker drives (under Windows Server 2012) without any problems.

The \\?\ scheme is just another way of addressing things.

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