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Linux - QR code button does nothing

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If I navigate to the web UI the Secret/QR button simply doesn't do anything, I read that to get around this you should go to the Advanced tab on a folders preferences and use the "Connect mobile via QR code" button but when I click that it just takes me back to the main web UI and nothing else happens.

Is this a known problem and is there a workaround?

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I've tested on firefox and get exactly the same result, and javascript is enabled.

I've done some experimenting, and it depends on the length of your secret, I haven't figured out what the maximum character length is before the QR code cant be generated.

I definitely consider this a bug, if the software cant generate a QR code for the secret then the sync app should have a maximum length for secret codes.

As it is I have extended the length of my secrets (for added security) and can no longer generate QR codes, so I'm in limbo really

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