btsync.exe installer not working on vista 32bit

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Greetings! I'm curious if this is a known issue or if anyone else out there ran into this problem. I have installed Bittorrent Sync on my Windows XP machines, but when I double click on the installer in Windows Vista 32 bit nothing happens. No error messages, no prompts, and if there is a hour glass it's way too brief to notice. I've taken the exact same installer file to my XP machines and there's no problem at all.

Problem: Installer doesn't work with Windows Vista 32 bit

Solution: ?

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This worked for me on Windows Server 2008 (so Vista 32 bit).


Also please note, if you are going to use Sync 2.* on your Win Vista or Win Server 2008 R1 then in this case you're are able to share your data using standard (1.4) folders only because these OSes doesn't have necessary SSL libraries for advanced (2.0) folders work.

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