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I can NOT seem to confuse this program! I have moved huge amounts of data in and out of the shared folder, shuffled things around, lost and recovered data. Incredible.

I also noticed that, while there is a 13 GB queue to download (first sync of one device), when I changed a small file, it immediately propagated to the other computers during the big sync.

I don't know how you guys programmed the priorities, but it's amazing that I don't have to wait for the big sync to finish before little "current" events get processed.

Great work!

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It seems to be rocket science for most sync software. The usual behavior I'm used to is

  1. get confused for some reason
  2. start a gigantic resync loop over everything
  3. new small changes have to wait 4 days, provided another ubersync doesn't start again

I feel like most sync software out there is just barely working.

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Hah, just had that happen to me.

I wouldn't call this "confused". What I mean by "confused" is "files not syncing indefinitely". BTSync so far has always recovered from all the weirdness I've accidentally imposed. For me, the folder thing falls more under the category of "cute".

"Awwww, you're trying so hard to sync while I move stuff around!"

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