Syncing with "Add automatically to iTunes" doesn't work properly

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I've setup Bittorrent sync on two machines. One of them syncs with just a "regular" folder (C1) and the other one syncs with the "Add automatically to iTunes"-folder (C2). C1 has read/write permissions and C2 has read-only.

My problem is that it just doesn't work. When the sync is completed I can't see any files on C2 (which I shouldn't because files are moved from "Add automatically to iTunes" to iTunes) but I can't find any files in iTunes either. It works on rare occasions with some music files but I can never get it to work with bigger files such as movies or TV-episodes.

I think that the problem occurs because iTunes doesn't wait until the files are completely synced.

Anyone have a solution for this? I thought it might work if iTunes ignored files that end with ".!sync" but I can't find a solution for that.

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You could always have them sync to another folder and then setup a cron job to move them into your iTunes folder once they are completely synced. I'd think something along the lines of this would work:

*/5 * * * * find /path/to/tempfolder -type f -not -name '*.!sync' -exec mv {} /path/to/auto/iTunes/folder \;

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