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having set up two-way sync between folders on two different servers, would there be any reason why the file count is different at each end? in other cases on the same servers, the sync details show the same file count at each end. two folders - apparently no different - show counts which do not match. am i missing something?

also: what is the reason why the file count shown by btsync differs dramatically from the file count shown by windows??

windows: 11005 files, 40 folders 415Mb - btsync: 20118 files, 615Mb. - is this an error or are there heaps of hidden files somewhere?

any information welcome, thank you.

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Can i resurrect this discussion:


Just loaded BT Sync onto mac and PC and ran first sync.


Mac Folder info says 26.87gb on disk and 30,405 items.  BTsync on Mac: 24.2gb and 28,293 files.

PC folder properties: 24.3gb   on disk and 28,313 items.   BT sync on PC: 24.2gb and 28,290 files.


the BTsync consistently is 3 files less on PC.   The synced folders originated on the Mac.   Are there 3 files created on the original drive which aren't shared?


Any reason why such a discrepancy between the Mac and PC counts of files?   i have ensured that the .syncarchive on PC (recipient) is cleared of any files deleted.  


Any thoughts are appreciated.   If BTSync is handling my data well, i'll delete my Sugarsync account happily!!

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