Files locked (Ubuntu 13.04)

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I downloaded and install OK well I thought I did? Set up just fine on my phone. The folders synced but I don't have permission to open the files? I have tested other sources and the same thing happens, I don't have permission to do anything with the contents of the folders.


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I had the same proble. btsync is running as root so every file it syncs is owned by root.

An easy way to have btsync running as your user:

- install btsync from this ppa: there is a desktop and a server version

A) the desktop version should run as your user right away

B) if you install the desktop version, you can modify the config file to have the daemon running as your user. How that is done is explained in the example files.

there are also two forum threads linked on the PPA page that will give further information.

hope this helps

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