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I am using BTSync 1.1.48 on an OSX computer and a Linux Mint machine. I do most of my changes on OSX - the linux machine mostly acts as an always on server.

This problem is hard to replicate - I have tried to run the debug log, but it hit 30GB before getting the problem again. I disabled the log and a few days later it happened. I have tried to replicate it all morning, and nothing.

I use sync to synchronise my source code folders and Latex projects. Some of these are also under Git. There are lots of small files, and when I'm writing Latex especially, large amount of churn as I have it set up to rebuild everytime I save.

My problem is that, on occasion, Sync overwrites my changed file after 5 - 10 minutes. I write a new piece of code, move onto a different file then either get a sync notification from the menu bar or come back to the editor and get told the file has changed on the file system, do I want to reload it? I find this behaviour quite worrying since it will probably also trash my Git history, and has already broken a few code projects when changes got reverted.

This problem caused me to disable Sync back in the Alpha, but I have since read the problem was fixed. The transition from Alpha - Beta seems a bit rushed if there are still instances, like this one, of people's files being trashed.

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[EDIT - I think I diagnosed the problem]

The problem would appear to be that the files were changed on the Mac, the Linux tried to write to them but was unable to, then saw they were different to the Mac so synced them right back.

In the case just now this was because I'd been messing with permissions/ownerships on the linux end - I don't know what the previous issue was. The files I was editing were owned by root but sync was running as a user - so it tried to write the files but failed. Why it thought it was reasonable to nuke my Mac's files is another question, answerable by the Sync devs.

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