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Does btsync recognize when files have moved or when folders get renamed? I noticed when I moved 10GB of photos to a different folder it appeared to re-index and start transferring all of the files (but then the transfer seems a bit faster).

I have also noticed that when I did this, the 10 GB of photos were duplicated to the SynArchive on the other computers. If we're just moving files around inside an archive or renaming folders, it would be nice not to have to version them.

I am assuming the index has a unique fingerprint for each file in the archive? If so, one could check if this fingerprint exists in the index prior to archiving (or transferring) to speed things up and save hard drive space.



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Under Windows 7 64-bit on an NTFS filesystem, I moved about a dozen pictures into a subfolder and they were deleted and recopied on the (windows 7 64-bit NTFS filesystem) partners. It doesn't appear too keep track of files as independent objects.

This might be different on Linux with a filesystem that uses iNodes (ext2, ext3, ext4, etc.), as those would remain the same regardless of the folder(s) that the iNode was in. (my knowledge of filesystems is limited)

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