Possible to Use only a Subfolder of a Synced Folder?


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Hi Community,

I came and write here, because I could'nt find any Information about my issue in the FAQs. If it is already covered in the forums, I sure was'nt able to find it. So please be kind with me :-)

I'm btsync 1.1.48 on all my systems.

I have a synced folder "million_images" with a lot of subfolders and many many images inside of the folders on my Linux server which is online all of the time.

The origins of the folder "million_images" is on my Windows machine, which is not online all the time.

On my Mac, I'd like to have a special subfolder "wallpapers" of the folder "million_images" to sync on my Mac only, so I can use those images for random wallpapers on the Mac, via System Preferences Settings.

As I don't have many space on my Macs harddrive, I cannot sync the whole folder "million_images" which is way too big.

Is it possible with btsync to just have a subfolder of a synced folder used?

(I used Wuala a long time and there I had a linked "network folder drive" which I just could choose to have a folder used as a wallpaper folder from the Mac. Wuala only loaded the files needed by the Macs wallpaper process. Maybe there something similar possible with btsync? But this question is not that important...)

Thank You!


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Good Idea, thanks, but reading through a 30-page-thread, and finding the corresponding post, is nothing I can do atm, IF thisis the correct wishlist...

You don't need to find an existing post in the Wishlist thread - just add your suggestion to the end - it doesn't matter if there's already a post suggesting it there - the developers are logging how frequently each suggestion is made... so just add your suggestion to the end of that thread!

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