Dangerous .SyncIgnore inclusion of Icon? on Mac


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This is my first time syncing. I had 20GB, 250K files.

I compared the two directories after syncing and I noticed that my Icons directories were not being synced.

It took me a while to figure it out that this is due to .SyncIgnore including Icon? by default on OS X.

I assume that this is to exclude the special file Icon\r on Mac (http://superuser.com...on-os-x-desktop).

This is obviously too dangerous, as Icons is a perfectly innocent and common folder name and such files/folders are skipped silently.

Until the \r character can be specified in SyncIgnore, it would be best to completely leave out that Icon? line from .SyncIgnore

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I wouldn't say this is particularly "dangerous" in any way, just an inconvenience for you!

The default .SyncIgnore files do contain a number of rules to exclude certain files/folders by default, however, you may freely modify these files to suit your own particular needs!

What should/shouldn't be included by default in these .SyncIgnore files is something that is being discussed by the team, so your particular usage case will be considered, but as I say, this is not in any way "dangerous", and can easily be changed by simply removing the "Icon?" line from your .SyncIgnore files

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I wouldn't say this is particularly "dangerous" in any way, just an inconvenience for you!

Sure, inconvenient for me.

But dangerous to the many users out there who are or will be using btsync, don't know anything about .SyncIgnore, and won't bother to do a directory comparison to realize what I realized: that their Icons folders are not being synced. I fear for others, not myself.

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It is not surprising, if ? is interpreted as wildcard in the way of "any one character". So Icon? in .SyncIgnore would match Icons, Icon?,, IconC, etc, but not IconCache, IconStore, etc. The current "inconvenience" is, that the .SyncIgnore file is not accessible through the UI and therefore people might be unaware of it, as the file is not shown in many operating systems, unless using the commandline.

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Old thread but- what was the eventual solution for this? @kos13 

Can IgnoreList function be enhanced to differentiate between files & folders?

e.g. "Icon\r" might be safe to ignore as a file, but as a Folder name a user might want to include it...

Regex would be very nice as well instead of just simple ? and * wildcards... 

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