Android: History reports finished, Devices indicates still uploading

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One of my Androids (Note 2) maintains automatic (LAN) sync on a small (60MB, 60 files) folder, but never completes automatic sync with either of two other 10GB folders. My other one (S4), which has an overall similar setup, automatic syncs fine (3G), as do my Windows devices. I don't see any errors, and there is still plenty of room left on the SD Card, but the app just eventually idles with no up/down activity. I've tried restarting the app and rebooting the phone. From a Windows client's "Devices" tab, I can see that the device is stuck with 2.1GB still to upload on one folder and 400MB on the other. In the "History" tab, it reports "Finished syncing with Note 2." On the device itself, I've located some files that it sees in "All Files," but hasn't downloaded. I can download those files manually, no problem. I can't find a pattern to the stuff that remains to be synced, so I couldn't simply complete syncing manually. Any ideas?

EDIT: As far as I can tell, all of the undownloaded files come from one subtree that mostly contains pdf files. Possibly there are other files in other places, too, but that one 7.75GB subtree is 2.05GB short of full sync, so apparently accounts for all of the 2.1GB shortfall.

EDIT: I deleted everything from the phone and started syncing from scratch. The phone stops downloading with 59.3MB remaining out of 4.55GB. That's 3583/3584 folders and 12163/14374 files according to the file mangers' stats, though I haven't been able to determine yet which subfolder has failed to automatic sync. I try pause and resume on that folder, restarting the app, and rebooting the phone, but it just won't continue dowloading at all. Apparently sync and everything still works, it's just that the automatic sync never fully downloads.

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