Quota Support would be great!

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In the advent of the coming of the Encrypted Node, see the remark of kos13 on this page, it dawned on me. I miss some form of quota support and could not find a big topic about this so I started this one. It is mentioned a few times in the wish list I believe.

In the linked topic I lay out a scheme of sharing bandwidth and storage with my brother and I now see I forgot to mention my brother is also storage hungry and could easily put me out of my storage space in a matter of months.

Since my realisation of this I have been fiddling around with Linux quota support to try to get some of this functionality. However this leaves me with three big problems.

  1. I need to run a separate daemon. This one runs under different credentials, with quota assigned, just to share a single folder. Opening up some more ports on my router and gobbling up more resources, which on my NAS is no problem but could be a problem on others.
  2. My system needs to have Quota support enabled, which on some systems is just not possible.
  3. There is no warning at all to the clients syncing with each other, reporting a that a node is full (has reached its quota).

It is possible to script around some of these issues, fiddling with bash, perl, python and some system utilities and emailing warnings around. However, it would be much more elegant to have this in the sync application embedded. Separate from the host operating system. So I could run a single daemon to cater a few different family members.

Anyone second this Idea? Please mention your thoughts below and like this post, so it gets noticed.

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