Skipping file with bad timestamp


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Hey there.

What are "bad time stamps"? Are they 0 (1.1.1970) or in another way "bad"?

If you have one master machine that chould be used as an ultimate source, you could simply "touch" them to give them the current time. That isn't really valid, semanticaly, but it's working.

But I don't understand what's the deal with those files. It shouldn't matter which exact time stamp is in place. Btsync should handle those files propperly and create them with the exact same modification time on the targets. Then they should stay in sync as long as a single machine changes its local copy. Then the modification time gets adjusted and the transfer starts.

So: What's the exact sitaution you're trying to fix?



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Are all your machines time synchronized with respect to UTC? I have a machine that is out of sync by a couple of minutes and have not experienced an issue yet. Perhaps, maybe, a sync delay, which I can not confirm.

I only ask as I want to know potential issues that I might encounter and really really want BTS to succeed.

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