OS X Server Packages to Run BitTorrent Sync as Daemon with Launchd


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I have a OS X Lion on an older macbook pro running as a "headless" server.

I was wondering if anyone has had any success with or knows of a way to run BitTorrent Sync as a daemon with a LaunchDaemon plist? How would I go about this?

Would love to get some help with this and put together a tutorial about this here in the forums.

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So far the OS X version is a GUI version only and no separate daemon version is available, similar to the Unix and Linux version.

What you could try:

1)  DL the OS X version on your headless server and cd to the directory BitTorrent Sync.app/Contents/MacOS. Try to run the Bittorent Sync binary and see what happens, maybe try commandline options.

2) use virtualbox on the commandline, create an image for linux and run btsync inside.

3) make a feature request (as you did already on the wishlist) and wait/hope for such a version.



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