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I would like to install Bt Sync on my Raspberry pi but I've issues :

1/ I don't find the the repository of the arm version.

2/ If I try to install with the tar.gz package, I can run btsync but I have a permissions access problem and I can't set the autostart service.

Sorry for my english, I'm a french beginner.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards


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I am not sure if it is wise to backup the root directory, because:

a) BT sync AFAIK does not distinguish between a symlink and a regular file/directory, so there can be an infinite recursion.

B) I am not sure if BT sync can handle /proc, /sys and /dev properly.

c) Did you consider permissions?

d) You hay have connected some other device (e.g. an external HDD or an USB stick), which would be added to the sync.

e) Do you really need a backup of /bin, /boot and so on?

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  • 3 months later...

Actually, I was looking for a simple auto-backup solution. I would want to backup my Raspberry Pi to my Mac, because I don't have a screen to connect to...

But I agree with you v6ak.


Try to clone your SD card instead, then you will have a working copy as backup.

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