User/Pass not Working on Webui - Help with .conf file, please!


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Hi again!

Another newb question. I want to secure the webmin interface with a password and username, but I can't seem to get it to work. I've probably just formatted my .conf file wrong, but it would be great if someone could eyeball it for me and let me know where I've screwed up:

// use relay server when direct connection fails
"use_relay_server" : true,
"use_tracker" : true,
"use_dht" : false,
"search_lan" : true,
"lan_encrypt_data" : true,
"lan_use_tcp" : true,
"webui" :
"listen" : "",
"login" : "name",
"password" : "blahblahpassword"

I set this up, restarted the service and... still doesn't work. Connecting to the server on port 8888 still goes straight to the webui without asking for a password. Any help appreciated.

Much thanks!

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