New Computer, how to detect existing content at the target?


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i will soon get a new computer and am wondering if i need to transfer everything over the Internet again to the target BTSync.

current Situation:

MyPC\FolderX is "Master"

RemoteHost\Sync-FolderX uses ReadOnlySecret to sync

now i get a new computer and FileCopy all from MyPC to NEWPC

New Situation:

NEWPC\FolderX is "Master" and has to generate new Secrets

RemoteHost\Sync-FolderX already contains all the Data. How to use the NEWPC-ReadOnly-Secret but not Transfer all content of FolderX again?

Is that possible?

could i for example use the FullAccess Secret to transfer from MyPC to NEWPC?

then remove MyPC so that NEWPC is the new Master of FolderX and RemotHost still uses it's ReadOnlySecret?

RemoteHost is far away so i cant just go into its LAN for 1st Sync.



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