btsync and android portable hotspot

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Hi everyone ,

I'm trying to transfer some photos from my phone to my tablet

setup :

phone : nexus S , Cyanogen Mod 10.1 , btsync 1.1.38

tablet : nexus 7 2012 , stock android 4.3 , btsync 1.1.38

i configure my client as portable wi-fi hotspot , to transfer files without relying on the othel flacky wi-fi connection , and to be able to transfer files also when outside.

i configure the phone as a mobile wi-fi hotspot , connect the tablet to the AP created by the phone (and the tethering works well , i can navigate through the tablet using the phone mobile connection ) , then i try to send files from the phone to the tablet.

i scan the qr from the tablet and it hangs with the "connecting" wheel

if i connect both to any external wi-fi it works.

does anyone has any idea ?

thank you


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