Can't move files without deleting?

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This problem was fixed to some extent in 1.4.


You can now rename/move files within the same Sync folder hierarchy and Sync won't re-transmit them.


However, this only applies to files within the same folder hierarchy - it doesn't currently apply between separate, distinct folders.


For example, if you're syncing D:\folder1 and D:\folder2, you'll be able to rename/move files around within folder1 (or any of its sub directories) without causing data to re-transfer, but moving between folder1 and folder2 would cause data to re-transfer.

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Same here. 2 Windows 7 machines with 1.4.111 beta. Tried various moves within the same share and it always regards it as an Add + Delete. Very annoying as the remote host is on a WAN with a quota and reorganizing my pictures library causes HUGE resyncs.

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