EXIF date change is not recognized by BitTorrent

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Changes on EXIF dates (done with help of Picasa) is not recognized by Bit Torrent Sync.

Any Idea how this could be achieved to have the Picture in sync between 2 PC's when just chaning the EXIF date?

Renaming of files does not help, because on the remote PC the local files will be renamed, so the EXIF date of the pictures wil still be incorrect.


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I had a similar issue where I was changing the contents of a file (comparable to changing exif tags within an image file) but I wasn't changing the file timestamp (modification date) and BitTorrent Sync didn't pick up the change. I ended up having to change some settings in my software to prompt the program (in my case TrueCrypt) to change the file timestamp when I made changes to the file.

BitTorrent Sync will detect changes based on the file timestamp. If the file size stays the same and is not renamed and the timestamp doens't change then BTSync won't see a change and won't sync across the file. It needs to be given a clue that the file needs changing and timestamps let it know which file is the newest out of your local and remote files. If they have the same timestamp it won't sync them. This is what was happening to me and sounds like it's happening to you.

Is there a way to get Picasa to change the file timestamp when you change the exif properties? Changing exifs is in fact changing the file so it should in theory update the timestamp or have the ability to do it with a preference/settings change.

Sorry I don't use Picasa so I can't help with Picasa-specific things, but I hope my explanation leads you in the right direction to get it working.

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Just for closing this: The app worked, and as soon the modified dates changes, the syncronization works.

The app can do a bit more, than just changing the modification date. Give it a try if you are in a situation to streamline photos from multiple cameras, where the creation date of the photo might not be correct.


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