Problem with power management under Windows

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I’m successfully using BTSync on several Windows computers (Windows Server 2002, Win7, Win8 and Win8.1) with great performance and reliability, no matter using direct connection or relaying through bt cloud.

My only issue is with power management, BTSync blocks laptop standby, keeping it always on no matter what power profile I’m using. I can do a manual suspend but automatic ones don’t happen, so sometimes laptop fully drains battery. Tried this on 2 different computers with same results.

Is this a bug or is there any config to allow computer to suspend?

Thanks for such a great product!!!


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This is a pretty old thread... but have you tried increasing the value of the advanced "folder_rescan_interval" setting? This is currently set to 600 seconds (10 minutes), and therefore, if your system is set to go to sleep after more than 10 minutes of inactivity, it's possible that it will never sleep.


The solution is to increase the "folder_rescan_interval" setting and make it longer than the period of inactivity your system is set to sleep after

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I have both Win 7 and Win 8.1 laptops successfully sleeping with  "folder_rescan_interval" default of 600. My sleep times are all longer than 10 minutes. BTS is pretty chatty over the net - perhaps you don't have power management enabled on your network cards?


Maybe worth seeing what powercgf says is keeping you awake.

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