same domain but can't see each other

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Issue and hoping for a straightforward detailed answer if possible, I am not a networking savvy person.

I have a pc with the ip address in one of our sites:

That pc can talk see and sync with a pc in the same range:

But when pc does not see or sync with pc at another site. Both are on the same domain and can ping each other.

I set the listening port to 8080 on all devices.

What settings can I change on Bittorrent Sync so that pc can sync with pc


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I do not know what multicast forwarding is, so i could make the assumption that is a no on that


I am guessing what you mean by "Have you tried adding a predefined host for the connection?" as going into the "Folder Preferences" and manually adding the IP address of the other pc in the "Hosts" section then yes i have added the ip address to both computers. 

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i would upload a screen shot of it but it seems this forum does not allow that


this is what is under the Preferences Tab of BitTorrent Sync:


Device name is : pc-330-01

show notiifcations for completed downloads===Check

start bittorrent sync when windows starts=====Check

Listening Port==========================8080

Use NAT UPnP port mapping==============Check


Check for updates automatically============Check

Limit download rate to (kB/s)===============0

Limit Upload Rate to=====================0


###under the "Advanced..." tab

disk low priority=========================True

folder rescan interval====================600

lan encrypt data========================true

lan use tcp============================true

max file size diff for patching==============1000

max file size for versioning================1000

rate limit local peers=====================false

sync max time diff=======================600

sync trash ttl===========================30

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