SyncIgnore not applying to updated files/subfolders


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I have two peers that I want to keep in sync with one another for software development, while ignoring certain folders. I set up my .SyncIgnore file, and it works initially, but does not apply after any files are updated.


Example procedure:


  • Remove all Synced directories on both peers. Delete .SyncArchive on both peers. Restart BT Sync on both peers for good measure.
  • Create .SyncIgnore file at desired Sync root directory on both peers.
  • Add folder to BT Sync on peer 1. .SyncIgnore works fine for now. I see the desired number of files.
  • Change or add files in an ignored BT Sync folder. .SyncIgnore does not work. Files now get added to the list of synced files. I see more than the desired number of files.
  • Add folder to BT Sync on peer 2.
  • Peer 2 sees ignored files of peer 1.
  • I am sad.



Am I doing something wrong? Why would SyncIgnore work initially and then just stop working after initial setup?


More specifics on what I am trying to do:


  • I want to ignore all files and subfolders in a directory. Let's call the desired ignored directories "foo" and ".bar"
  • I add the following lines to my SyncIgnore file:

  • I fire up BT Sync as described above and these folders are not added to BT Sync (good).
  • After updating a file or folder in root/some/other/directories/foo/ or root/some/other/paths/.bar/ , the files are added to be synced (bad).


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.


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This doesn't work for me either.  I tried putting it in quotes, using a '?', etc.  Nothing seems to ignore the directory.  I see elsewhere, though, that several people seem to be having issues with .SyncIgnore overall.  There must be a bug somewhere in that portion of the code.


I should mention also that the log file doesn't seem very helpful.  After turning on debugging, all it says is "Torrent" followed by filename then "status: 137 error:<NULL> meta:1 conns:1 io:0".

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