Cannot use WebUI over an SSH tunnel

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I have BTSync working great on a couple of headless linux boxes, as well as on my linux laptop...


I do not want to forward port 8888 from each router to the particular local headless box, instead I wish to use the WebUI over an SSH tunnel.


As I am also using BTSync on my laptop, it means I cannot forward my local port 8888, as it is in use, so my usual command would be:


ssh -L 8889:localhost:8888 user@remotehost


Then viewing http://localhost:8889 actually loads the WebUI of remotehost running on port 8888.


Unfortunately this does not work properly, as the WebUI seems to have hardcoded in the location of AJAX calls - so it tries to perform actions on localhost:8888 (which is not the correct address!)


One workaround of course is to use a config file to change the WebUI port on each system, so that I can forward the same port as is being used (e.g. ssh -L 8889:localhost:8889 user@remotehost) - but this is not an ideal solution!

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This is strangely working for me today also - I just used


  ssh -L 8889:localhost:8888 user@remotehost


and can use the webui without any problems at http://localhost:8889.


Last time I tried it (exactly the same way as now, before posting the message), the JS console was throwing an error about jquery.js at http://localhost:8888 every time I tried to perform an action (view folder preferences, delete folder, add folder, etc).


Thanks anyway!

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