Slow speed of indexing and transfer files on Freebsd over LAN.


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Hi I have 2 storage, 80 TB (24 HDD) for each machine. OS Freebsd 9.2.

Every machine connect via 2x10Gb\s interfaces to storage switch (Cisco 5548UP), on every machine and on every switch I enabled jumbo frames (MTU 9000).

Every machine can read/write files from ZFS pool with speed above 400-600 MB/s simultaneously. I set BTSync:

Use relay server when required = False

Use tracker server = False

Search LAN = True

Search DHT network = False

Store deleted files in SyncArchive = True

Use predefined hosts = True


But max transfer speed  which i see was 16MB/s.

What I do wrong, how I can increase transfer speed?



Thank you in advance


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This is - according to me - normal.

Btsync won't consume your network resources to the max.

Best is you do a normal cp first, then set up the sync.


Having the same issue with my FreeNas (which is FreeBSD ofc).

If I copy directly to it, I get 80MB/sec over my Gbit lan.

With btsync, it's a fraction of that speed.

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Oh and eh ... I believe restarting the btsync process will cause those Terrabytes of data to be scanned again ... invisibly.

No (indexing...) message will be displayed.

For a long time, it will appear that btsync is doing nothing.

Scheduling server reboots weekly/monthly can't be done when using btsync.


I'm having this issue already with my 10TB zfs pool.

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