BTSync immediately hangs on my netbook

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I'm happily running BTSync in Linux on various computers, and on Windows at work... but am now trying to run it on Windows on my netbook...


It won't work.


No matter what I try (older versions / copying the various .dat files from a working system / installing vs not installing) it simply hangs - immediately after the "welcome screen" asks me if I want to do a "Standard Setup" or if "I have a secret" (I've tried both, as well as skipping it entirely).


Unfortunately there is no point providing a log file, as it is completely empty.  I also cannot turn on debug mode, as the app doesn't respond (so right-clicking on the tray icon does nothing!)  The following files are created in "%AppData%\BitTorrent Sync", containing their defaults:

  Cache (empty folder)

  settings.dat (7 KB)

  settings.dat.old (7 KB)

  sync.lng (73 KB)

  sync.log (0 bytes)


This is all I see:



The computer is a Samsung NC10 running Windows 7 32-bit.  It has an Atom CPU N270 @ 1.6GHz, and 2GB of RAM.


Any help to get it running would be much appreciated!

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OK, so the one thing I hadn't tried was running it in a different user account (as there weren't any on the netbook!)


I just created one and it runs absolutely fine under that.  I've tried it as an "admin" account, and as a "user" account... it works in both modes.


Any ideas as to why I would be able to run it under this second account, but not the main one?!


EDIT: Even copying the %AppData%\BitTorrent Sync directory from the working account into the non-working one still doesn't help... it no longer shows the welcome page, just loads directly to the tray... but still doesn't respond to right-clicks and won't ever show the application window...

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