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I've been using BTSync for a few months already, and enjoying it a lot. It's a fantastic combination of technologies that is very useful for me.


Today, in one of my two computers, this showed up:




So that's two devices connected (the one in red is an identified, close to me one) but this IP is unknown for me.


Can somebody help me? Shall i be worried or something?

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Now, normally Sync is able to determine the device name and so replaces the IP/Port information with the device name. This usually happens within a few seconds of Sync starting. The fact that this doesn't appear to have happened in your case may indicate that the IP address of your other Sync device has literally just changed mid-Sync, leading to two entries in your device list.


If this is the case, restarting Sync on your devices should resolve this.


Bottom line is that is an IP address confined to your LOCAL LAN... so I wouldn't be worried too much about it!

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