Sloooooow speed, around 5-10kB/s upload

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I've seen some threads before but couldn't get any ideas where to start... So, the main issue is speed or rather the lack of it... Mostly around 2-5-10kB/s, even if I've seen shorter spikes over 100



- one-way sync from win8 machine to debian machine in another town. 

- 2 routers in-between, one of them over wifi (upload, ie source side)

- 1 folder, 2,5K files, mostly BMP and DNG files, 58GB

- interesting bit: 2/3 of that folder was already in target machine. when I "connected" them, it didn't seem to say "indexing..." as it did with another test folder (I wanted to know, if it is able to continue where other app left off)

- first I tried regular cloud sync, but since I have dyndns assigned to that machine, I set up port in target router and listed server:port in source. I presume I did it correctly since the icon changed and sync works.. unfortunately, as slowly as before.


With this kind of speed, it's impossible to continue as I indended to back up my photos mainly.

Any ideas? Anything to check on my connection?

Is it possible that service provider identifies btsync as torrent and throttles it's speed somehow?

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- The files in that folder are generally ~25MB .bmp or 40-60MB .dng files

- SPI firewall: on target side, firewall is disabled (Thomson routers, both), on source side here - unable to check from router itself, it's telecom-locked. Any way to detect it externally?

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