Problem with Windows 8.1?


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Since I updated to Windows 8.1 RTM the sync client on Windows unable to find the other clients. I can see in the Linux device log that it finds the Windows machine's IP but the machine doesn't seem to respond.


Does anyone have a similar problem?


P.S: Disabling Firewall on the Windows device doesn't help.


OK the problem was in "Listening Port" was not correctly set somehow, setting a new port fixed the issue.

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Can someone please explain, why changing the port solves the problem?

Well, it's likely that your machine had a different IP/MAC address before you upgraded to Windows 8 than it did post-upgrade.


As Sync attempts to open a specific port on your router using uPnP, it will have opened a port for Sync which will have been assigned just to the IP/MAC address of your pre-upgraded machine.


Post upgrade, you tried using the same port, but your router rejected it as the IP/MAC address didn't match the rule that had been previously configured when Sync was running under a different IP/MAC address (i.e.that port now forwards to a non-existant device) - therefore, simply selecting a new port in Sync resolves the issue!

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No luck still. 


1. Reset the router. 

2. Change the port running in my Windows 8.1.


Current situation is that: 


1. My Linux server and my MBA can still see each other and sync perfectly. 

2. My Windows PC can't see either MBA or Linux server. 


Firewall has been disabled, no success. 


Restarted the instance of BTS in all my machines, no success. 


Delete/Re-add the folders, no success. 


Reinstall BTS in my Windows, no success. 


All BTS are latest 1.2.82 version.

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