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I really like this app, and the futures this program gives to the computers and phones together..

But, for a fully charged S4, i uses 30% of my battery when it is in auto start up and auto sync. WiFi an cellular.

Normal usage etc, it just falls about 6%. This is in an time period of 3 hours.


Is this something that can be fixed?



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I confirm I have a huge battery drain using this app.

When I start the app, it eats about 5% of battery every hour just when it lies on the desk and it isn't any data transmission (laptop is down, only 2 local folders in the list). Process "Android OS" rises from 5-7% to 60% total. Usually the phone losts less than 1% per hour in that conditions.




Sony Xperia V, 4.1.2, stock OS

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Is there any information on the "Auto Sleep" functionality. Even if turned on and set to wakeup "never", the notification icon stays with "Running". Does this mean it doesn't go to sleep?


The perfect solution for me would be for the notification icon to either disappear or change the icon and text while in "sleep" mode.

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