BTSync (Windows) - monitoring method


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This may be helpful to other Windows (W2K3) users of BTSync.


We use BTSync to synchronise the content of four servers. To us, it is very important that BTSync runs continuously.

As BTSync is not (yet) written to run as a windows service, we currently get round this by using a scheduled job to start BTSync when the server boots.


As such, BTSync runs as a process, not a service.


Occasionally, BTSync would fail - and the worst of this was that we had no warning or alert. It just stopped. So our servers may have got out of sync without us knowing.


So, to fix this, we have used another process - called 'Process Notifier' ( which can be configured to send an email if the BTSync process on the server stops. Potentially, it can auto-restart BTSync too - although we have not yet configured ours to do so. We start Process Notifier in the same way as BTSync - by using a scheduled job to run at server boot time.


So if anyone else is running BTSync in this way, and it is important to know if it crashes or stops, this option may help.


Tim Ecott.


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