Different folder sizes between Mac and PC

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I have a large (~90 GB) music folder synced between a mac and a PC. The BT Sync client says they are both in sync and with the correct size, but the actual size of the folder on the Mac hard drive is about 6 GB more than on the PC. I have looked through to try to spot the difference, but I don't see any obvious extra or duplicate files, subfolders, etc. But there is a lot to look through, I could have missed something. Does anyone have an idea of what it could be? I was thinking possibly the Spotlight index data, but I don't know where that lives. Thanks!

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The more recent versions of Mac OS count GB differently than Windows. Windows counts GB in base 2 (really GiB) and labels it as GB. Mac OS now counts GB in base 10 and labels them correctly. So basically Mac OS counts GB more like how storage manufactures sell it to you (why advertised is usually way more than what your computer says it is), not how computers think of it. 

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