slow file indexing?

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running btsync on linux 1.1.70


looking for advice on how I might solve what seems to be very slow file indexing.   the issue appears to be with large files - i have 2 folders that are full of avi files, each between 800 and 1 gig.   Approximately 200-300 in each folder.


In the time it took me to write this message, it has indexed 2 files, and so far only shows "17" in one folder, "5" in the other.    One of the folders says "indexing...", the other does not say anything, but it will in fact increase it's size/count if I refresh the page (at least it usually does).


this is a lower powered device - a raspberrypi, but it seemed to be working fine when I first set it up.   This issue appeared after I did a restart.


Any thoughts / ideas on how to speed up the indexing?

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Unfortunately, I do not have a solution - but I am also experiencing very slow indexing under different circumstances.


I am using BTSync to backup my storage files to a remote location so I can benefit from geographically remote backup (i.e. safe from fire at the house) and control (don't have to upload my files to a cloud service run by someone else). 



I have ~350Gb of data spread over ~30,000 files.

I did a manual copy over USB first and then moved backup drive to remote location

Set up sync relationship


Now, over 24 hours later, my home computer has only index ~175Gb of data over 17,000 files.  That seems really really slow to me and indicates a bug of some sort in BTSync's indexing.


Any thoughts from the devs?

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