Android App: remove from device but keep on sync folder

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Just discovering BitTorrent Sync and I am delighted. Really great work!


With the Android App and autosync disabled, I can see all the files in the sync folder. Files will be copied to the device when clicked and will appear in the device tab. A tick mark will appear in the all files tab. That is great because you will normally not want all your sync folder copied to your (reduced storage) mobile device.


My question is: how can I remove the file from the device but keep it in the sync folder? That is, how I get back to the point when I see the file in the "all files" tab but it is not in the "in device" tab? If I delete the file from the device using a file manager it will get synced and deleted from the sync folder as well.


I suggest the following additional functionality to the Android App:


1. Multiple selection capabilities in "device" and "all files" tabs, through long tapping for example.


2. In all files tab, options to dowload (already present for all files in the folder), delete and ignore a file or folder (ignored files/folders will not be synced even if autosync is enabled. Ignored files/folders are tagged with a distinctive icon). When files/folders are ignored and a local copy exists, ask the user if he/she wants to delete the local copies.


3. In device tab (and all files tab if file is also in the device), additional option "delete from device only" that will remove the selected files/folders from the device but not from the sync folder.


Again, thanks for this great application.



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Yes, I couldn't agree more. There should be a feature to delete the files from the mobile device only, while leaving the files in the sync folder.


For example I store my photo albums on my computer and sometimes I would like to download and see some photos on my mobile. But I do not want those files to remain on my devide. I should have a way to remove them, while they should be intact in the sync folder (and not get deleted from my computer).


Is there a whishlist somewhere? Or a bug-tracker where I can report it? Or maybe is this in progress?




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I was trying to figure this out as well! First I looked for some documentation on how BTS is supposed to work on mobile devices but there is very little. Seriously, BTS for mobile devices needs a comprehensive manual like the desktop product.


As for the "remove a file from the mobile device without removing it from the host" issue, this needs to be addressed ASAP (assuming it hasn't been already). All I have to do is mistakenly touch a 1GB file and I'm screwed.


Very frustrating...

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Just learned something new...


With "Automatic sync" off, if you select a file from the host the file is downloaded to your device and will remain so long as the file on the host is not changed. If you change the host file, the file on the mobile device is removed from BTS's listing (in the app itself) but the old file remains on the mobile device. If you change the file on the mobile device, the host is updated and the file on the mobile device remains in the listing of the BTS app.


Do wish these things were documented.

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