Call For Translators For Linux Btsync And Btsync-Gui Packages

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Thank you a lot! It will be available with the next release.

Short status update:


btsync-gui incomplete translations:

  • Catalan (0%)
  • French (95% - only 4 strings missing!)
  • Greek (10%)
  • Hungarian (0%)
  • Polish (0%)

btsync (server) incomplete translations:

  • Catalan (77% - only 14 strings missing)
  • Chinese simplified (77% - only 14 strings missing)
  • French (93% - only 4 strings missing)
  • Greek (93% - only 4 strings missing)
  • Hungarian (93% - only 4 strings missing)
  • Polish (93% - only 4 strings missing)
  • Spanish (93% - only 4 strings missing)

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Is there anybody out there willing to finalize the Russian translation of the GUI?


All strings on POEditor have been pre-translated by the automatic translation but obviously this is not really usable. Additionally lot of strings can be directly taken from the Windows/Mac version in order to stay consistent.


In addition Polish and Hungarian are still not covered. Any volunteers? You will earn glory and appreciation from anybody in that countries!


I can finalize Russian translation

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Since I'm about to release new versions of the btsync and btsync-gui package, it would be nice, if the volunteer translator can check if there are some new strings to translate.



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