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BitTorrent Sync's protocol is same as BitTorrent??

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I am wondering BitTorrent Sync's protocol is same as BitTorrent  !!


I have read information about peer discovery or p2p protocol on


What I want to know is what kind of protocol is used for BitTorrent sync when Syncing(or Transferring) the file.


Sync also using choking or piece select algorithm just like a Bittorrent(read on ?


can somebody let me know about that, or just please link to some page about protocol...


I will use Bittorrent Sync on the environment of Lan without via internet.


I am not native english speaker, so I am not sure that everyone can understand my question ..;;;


thank you for taking some time for reading.



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The BitTorrent Sync protocol is a variation on the BitTorrent protocol - they are not identical/interchangeable.


Specifics about the BitTorrent Sync protocol haven't been released by BitTorrent Inc at this time (don't complain about that here - there are plenty of other developer-bashing threads around the forums already! lol)

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Thank you for answering Marko.


I did meant to complain about that...just haven't been released by can't be helped...


But No plan to release about protocol or algorithm in the future?


and also can't see how much different from Bittorrent protocol?..

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