BTSync and hard drive sleeping

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Hi all,

When I have the btsync service running, can I expect the drive the folder is on to ever sleep?  Would it sleep if I disconnected every device using that service?

For example, I have a NAS with btsync, and I want the drives in that NAS to sleep every so often.  If I turn off btsync on every system that links to the NAS, will my drive be allowed to sleep?  I am seeing that the drive continues to show activity, even when there is no-one connected.




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By default, in addition to real-time monitoring of your files, Sync will also routinely re-scan each folder it's monitoring every 600 seconds (10 minutes) as a fail-safe to pick up any changes that weren't detected in real-time.


These routine scans can prevent drives from sleeping.


To workaround this issue, simply increase the advanced "folder_rescan_interval" setting to something more suitable that will allow you drives to enter a sleep state.

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