btsync not syncing some files when size does not change

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I am loving this tool, but have an issue I would like advice on.

In two instances that I know of, btsync would not sync file changes to the other devices. First time this happened was with a torrent file that I downloaded onto my phone. This file was synced to my other btsync folder some time before it was finished, but once it was finished, the changes were never synced over. I checked the md5sums of this file on both devices and they never matched.

Second instance is with a trucrypt volume I created in a sync folder. I added some files to this volume last night and then unmounted the volume. Today, I mounted the volume on another computer's sync folder and my changes are not there.

Trucrypt volumes do not change size so does btsync only sync a file if the size changes? It doesn't seem to sync if the checksum changes.

This really makes me worry that a change I make to files may not sync.

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You need to trigger a timestamp change.

So a timestamp change is the only way btsync will know a file has been modified? Thanks, I'll give it a shot. Will using touch be enough to trigger a sync? Will touching a file that has not changed cause it to sync as well?

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