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I'm running bittorrent sync on a vps with Ubuntu Lucid and on my notebook with Ubuntu Precise. One of my sync folders got stuck in a sync operation. The gui shows that it is uploading 350 byte to my server, but this never finishes. I moved a new file to this folder, the file was uploaded immediately, and thereafter it still show the 350 byte uploading.


A reboot does not change this. How can I reset this sync operation?


Screenshot is attached.



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Ah I see, my apologies.


I had the same thing (one computer constantly trying to upload 99B). I ended up just deleting the shared folder from the computer, deleting it from the disk and then re-adding it. The peers were all on the same LAN so wasn't an issue to re-sync.

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Until recently, I too had a never-ending sync of just 52.5 KB pending (plus a file count difference of 1). Removing and re-adding folders didn't help, so I investigated. After checking each folder's file count one-by-one, I found the culprit! 


At some point, I had renamed a folder on my Windows machine, changing only the case of some letter (let's say from 'contest_winners.xls' to 'Contest_Winners.xls'). However, I found two identical files on my Linux NAS: 'contest_winners.xls' and 'Contest_Winners.xls' side-by-side.


It seems that the difference in case-sensitivity from Windows to Linux threw off the indexing engine, and it created the duplicate. So, the 'contest_winners.xls' file tried to sync back to the Windows machine (after some changes) and found no counterpart, staying in limbo I guess.


Whether this is an issue to be fixed, or a one-case scenario, I don't know. I'm just putting it out here.

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Since I only have Linux machines, no Windows, that could not be the cause in my case. I had that happen several times, and it always were small files with size < 512 byte.


And one time I had a new file that did not trigger a sync, even after a long time (the docu says that every 10 minutes a sync is initiated even when ther was no inotify event).


The unreliability of btsync is so frustrating that I switched to Owncloud sync. So I cannot further investigate on this topic.

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I think I have a similar issue.

There is a folder propagating amongst my btsync nodes with the names 'audio' and 'Audio' with exact same contents.

I believe this is also Windows not differentiating the case of directory names, but Linux does.


Coupled with the fact that btsync seem to not be able to deal with multiple hosts with r/w capability and hence I end up with syncing files back which were deleted already on another host (see post ), btsync isn't as useful as I thought it would be.


I think I'll revert to using rsync or try out Seafile/OwnCloud.

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I believe this problem has to do with the differences in file systems across OSes. I too was having a similar issue, but ONLY when syncing with the OS X comp in the bunch. All of the other Windows PCs synced fine. As a test I stopped syncing with the Mac and instead ran a windows VM on it with BTSync installed, and there were no further sync issue as described in this thread. 


So the only solution I can then provide is to only use Windows. (Sorry I know it's not really constructive. I have no love for OS X, so being forced to bypass it was a good thing for me.)



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