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Sync doesn't seem to work if not on the same network

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I installed Bit Torrent Sync on two Macs.  On one I set up 4 different folders to sync, and then on the other I chose the corresponding folders and put in the secret/code from the first Mac for each folder. 


While on the same network, I added test files in each of the 4 folders and it synced fine both ways. 


When I moved one of the Macs to another house, the syncing seemed to stop.  




I also had 2 different Macs set up on the same network at a second location. Just to try it out, I kept one on the wifi and connected the other one to my phone's internet.  I created a new empty folder on one Mac and it wouldn't pop up on the other.  As soon as I left the phone internet and connected to the wifi (so both were now on the same wifi) the folder immediately popped up and the syncing worked again 


Isn't the app supposed to sync even across different networks ? I thought the other forum thread had someone saying they sync their home and work computers. 

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Any tips on fixing this? I am also having the same issue but on a Windows machine. I have synced a folder on an android device with a folder on a windows 7 machine. When I am on the same network as the windows machine the sync happens seamlessly. When I am at home or on any other network it does not.

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The steps are:

Step 0. Describe your problem
Don't forget to describe your problem or put link to the forum post in your email.
Step 1. Turn on Debug Logging.
Windows and Mac: click on SyncApp icon and select "Enable Debug Logging".
Linux: create file debug.txt with contents of FFFF in the .sync folder. You can find the .sync folder in the same directory where the btsync binary is located.

Step 2. Reproduce issue
Please let Sync collect logs for at least 15 minutes to get enough information.
Step 3. Attach log file to your email.
Windows: %APPDATA%\BitTorrent Sync\sync.log
Mac: ~/Library/Application\ Support/BitTorrent\ Sync/sync.log
Linux: ./sync/sync.log

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