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I had installed BTSync on my NAS (nas4free, based on FreeBSD) and it works OK. Cerrent version 1.1.82


Then I had started heavy load test - to sync 2Terabate folder with about 100K files. Everything goes OK, about 450 Gb had transferred during two days, But I had found, that log file, located in .sync folder, have size 700+ Megabytes


Taking into account, that db file for this folder is currently 267 Mb, BTSync folder now is bigger then Gigabyte.


Could you please implement limit of log size, settings for control this limit and kind of log rotation.


 understand, I could try to do this with help of /etc/newsyslog.conf, but better app should do own homekeeping internally.


PS If BTSybc uses such big db and log it means, that USB drive is bad option for app folder. I had never read it before.

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Thanks for the idea, we'll consider it for future release. 


Also, please make sure that debug log is turned off (for FreeBSD - make sure there is no file debug.txt in .sync folder). If it is off - log size should be really humble.

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