Linux 1.2.68: no errors, but no sync or webUI

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I just manually upgraded my NAS to 1.2.68 in the usual way and start btsync using the same sync.conf. The process appears to run normally, and top shows that it settles down to the usual memory and CPU usage. My NAS is my router's DMZ, so all its ports are open to the WAN, so I would think that "NAT-PMP error" isn't relevant. I presumably had the same "error" when running 1.1. But with 1.2.x, my NAS hasn't been visible to any other clients. The webUI is also inaccessible from the LAN and WAN. I've tried starting with a clean bin/.sync directory, but no dice. With debugging enabled, here's the top of my sync.log:

[20131106 10:38:12.396] total physical memory -1 max disk cache 2097152[20131106 10:38:12.402] Using IP address[20131106 10:38:12.403] test sha1: AE5BD8EFEA5322C4D9986D06680A781392F9A642[20131106 10:38:12.404] NAT-PMP: error: Not Authorized/Refused (e.g. box supports mapping, but user has turned feature off)[20131106 10:38:12.404] NAT-PMP: error: Not Authorized/Refused (e.g. box supports mapping, but user has turned feature off)[20131106 10:38:12.441] test sha2: 630DCD2966C4336691125448BBB25B4FF412A49C732DB2C8ABC1B8581BD710DD[20131106 10:38:12.441] test aes: 0A940BB5416EF045F1C39458C653EA5A07FEEF74E1D5036E900EEE118E949293[20131106 10:38:12.442] Loading config file version 1.2.67[20131106 10:38:13.420] NAT-PMP: Mapped TCP port 44516 ->[20131106 10:38:13.424] NAT-PMP: Mapped UDP port 44516 ->[20131106 10:38:13.426] NAT-PMP: Got external IP:[20131106 10:38:15.977] SyncFolderScanner: Adding notifer "/volume1/lib"[20131106 10:38:15.977] Added path=/volume1/lib with fd=1/* I removed the remaining "Added paths" from the log for privacy and because eveverything looked normal.  */[20131106 10:38:16.700] SyncFilesController: started periodic scan[20131106 10:38:16.701] SyncFilesController [file updated]: processing file /volume1/lib/screenplays 1377346196 2139062143/* I removed the remaining SyncFilesController for privacy and because everything looked normal. */

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