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Hi people


I've been seeing that running the latest provided linux binary (x86_64 and i386) cause a dramatic DNS slowdown and make the system(13.04 and 13.10) unusable, ala  Stopping the service immediately cures the problems. Does anyone have any suggestions for the problem and can changing settings (relay server, DHT, Tracker server) make a difference to this?

I know I might be repeating a post or two but  can't seem to search the forum to see if others have similar problems and solutions as DNS is only 3 letters long and the forum rejects the search.






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i can see that issue on my rpi with raspbian and btsync via

the dns-resolution dropped after minutes of operation and it doesn't matter if i add the nameserver manualy to the configuration of my rpi

with which version do you have that issue?




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I suggest you tried the latest version of BTSync? 1.3 has a dramatic improvement: it uses TCP connection to transfer data, while DNS still based on UDP (this is actually the only point I see where they can intersect).

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