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Sync issues with Andriod

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Hello I am a new user to BitTorrent Sync and love the product it's very simple and I am keeping 1.5 TB of data synced between 3 computers (2 PC and 1 Mac).  I just added Android to the mix and am seeing mixed results.  For files under 4GB there is no problem syncing to and from Android.  Files over 4GB does not seem to by syncing from or to Android.  I have tried both internal storage and microSD card.  Is this a defect in BitTorrent Sync?  I am using desktop version 1.2.68 and Android version 1.2.9.


I also noticed inconsistent results when syncing to Android.  Some times adding files to be synced to Android works right away even if BitTorrent is running in the background.  Other times I have to open the App and make it run in the foreground for it to start syncing.  I have activity check set to every 30 minutes under Auto Sleep on Android and have waited past 30 min to see if it would wake up and sync but doesn't seem like it.  Only having the App opened seems to always work.


I am running this on a Note 3 with Android version 4.3.


Kind Regards.

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